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Empowering success through proven expertise. 

Jeneen Masih, with degrees in International Relations, Law, and Real Estate Development, is a highly experienced bilingual leader and coach. She harnesses an innovative approach, continually mastering new strategies in neuroscience and somatics with her European colleagues. As the founder of Red Rock Development Group, she brings real-world entrepreneurial experience to her coaching. With a successful track record of driving high-level engagement and collaboration, Jeneen is your partner in achieving extraordinary results.



Jeneen holds a BA in International Relations, and law degrees from prestigious institutions. These credentials form a solid foundation for her coaching career.



Jeneen has a robust professional background, including CEO roles, executive directorships, and her own entrepreneurial endeavors.



Jeneen's coaching is dream driven, eliminating artificial barriers and empowering clients to be their best selves.



With a record of producing successful results, Jeneen's coaching leads to impactful decisions and personal transformations.​



Jeneen is always growing, engaging with professional coaches, attending conferences, and leveraging travel for fresh perspectives.​



Jeneen's love for people, water, and the Blue Mind Movement enrich her life and coaching, providing a unique, holistic approach.



Jeneen's coaching for attorneys cultivates resilience, strategic thinking, and leadership. Leveraging her law degrees, she aids legal professionals in navigating their high-stakes, demanding careers with grace and efficacy.

Real Estate

Jeneen’s coaching empowers real estate professionals to elevate their performance. Drawing from her extensive experience in the field, she imparts strategic guidance, facilitating significant business growth and personal development.

Startups + SMBs

For SMB leaders, Jeneen’s coaching offers practical wisdom and strategic insight. Harnessing her entrepreneurial experience, she guides these business leaders towards sustainable success, promoting both professional growth and personal fulfillment.



Jeneen's educational journey has provided her with a broad foundation for her coaching work. With a BA in International Relations from The College of Wooster, she developed a keen eye for subtle details and the ability to challenge assumptions. Her JD from Case Western Reserve School of Law and LLM from the University of Miami School of Law further honed her logical and creative thinking skills. These academic experiences fuel her approach to crafting customized plans for clients, helping them reach their unique goals.

  • BA in International Relations, The College of Wooster

  • JD, Case Western Reserve School of Law

  • LLM, University of Miami School of Law



Jeneen is an active member of The Florida Bar and a retired member of the New York State Bar, formerly part of the Forbes Coaches Council. She also holds several International Coaching Federation Certificates, including "The Neuroscience of Change", "The Power of Embodied Transformation", and "Body = Brain". These affiliations and certifications underscore her commitment to professional growth and adherence to industry standards.

  • Active Attorney, The Florida Bar

  • Retired Attorney, New York State Bar

  • Former Member, Forbes Coaches Council

  • Program certificates from the International Coaching Federation:

    • "The Neuroscience of Change"

    • "The Power of Embodied Transformation"

    • "Body = Brain"



Jeneen's entrepreneurial spirit has led to the creation of several successful businesses, including Not Your Average Joe Coffee House, Red Rock Development Group, LLC, and JMM Consulting. This firsthand entrepreneurial experience allows her to effectively foster self-driven qualities in her clients, setting them up for their own business success.

  • Founder, Red Rock Development Group, LLC

  • Founder, Not Your Average Joe Coffee House

  • Founder, JMM Consulting



With a history of high-level roles such as CEO of Keller Williams and Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity, Jeneen has demonstrated her ability to recruit, train, lead, and motivate teams to achieve success. Her extensive skill set allows her to deeply understand her clients, providing clarity and facilitating impactful decision-making based on clients' needs and wants.

  • Managed Board of Director Relationships

  • Interfaced with the public, media, governmental, and non-governmental bodies

  • Created and managed organizational financials

  • Track record of successfully recruiting, training, leading, and motivating teams

  • Expert in providing clarity and facilitating impactful decisions for clients based on their needs and wants

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