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Exciting Changes at JMM

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Hello, Community! As an international leadership coach and the founder of JMM Consulting, I have had the privilege of supporting countless individuals to live the lives of their dreams. The journey has been inspiring, enlightening, and rewarding in so many ways. Today, I am thrilled to share with you a significant transformation in our journey. We are relaunching JMM Consulting with a renewed focus, a redefined vision, and a revamped brand identity that speaks to our core values.

Our core values have always been the driving force behind our work: to move forward with a passion for progress, leverage collective genius within our community, and care for our clients and the environment. We are excited to embrace the adventure that lies outside of our comfort zone as we set out on this new path.

Our new brand aesthetic, logo, and website embody these principles and serve as a testament to our commitment to offering a unique experience of coaching, collaboration, community, and change. By leveraging our expansive set of skills and qualifications, we aim to elevate your journey to the best version of yourself.

Our new website,, is a hub of information, support, and inspiration. It's streamlined, user-friendly, and brimming with resources to help you live your dreams.

We are also launching an array of new products tailored to meet your evolving needs. These products aim to provide you with the tools and guidance necessary to identify your unique talent and combine it with what you love to do, creating a solid foundation for deep, joyful living.

Our new logo is inspired by the depths and dynamism of the ocean - a powerful symbol of change, strength, and life's infinite possibilities. It's circular, symbolizing the natural cycle of growth and transformation that we aim to foster in each individual we serve. The oceanic motif stands for the ripple effect we aim to create in the world – just as one pebble can cause infinite ripples across the water, we strive to enact meaningful, lasting change in the lives of our clients and beyond. This fresh, vibrant symbol encapsulates our ethos and paves the way for our journey forward into a future teeming with potential.

We’re incredibly excited about this next chapter, and I couldn’t be more proud of the team that has worked tirelessly to bring our new vision to life. We're eager to work with you, our valued community, in this new capacity.

Just as I found my Spanish Riviera, I want you to find yours. By stepping up and stepping into your greatness, together we can create a future that is more exciting, abundant, and fulfilling. I am here to support you every step of the way.

The time is now. Will you answer the call to greatness?

Join us in embarking on this new journey. Let's change the world for the good, one step at a time.

Welcome to the new JMM Consulting. We're glad you're here.

To a brilliant future,

Jeneen Masih

Founder, JMM Consulting


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