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Embracing Hope and Possibility: A Journey of Dreams

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Today we face significant challenges as a planet and as a global community, yet hope continues to rise. Progress is being made in various areas, despite colossal obstacles. In this time of recommitment and renewal, we find strength in asking ourselves, "What if?" Let us embrace hope and explore the power of possibility as we step into the new year. For inspiration, I recommend reading the Washington Post article, "14 Reasons Young People Are Hopeful About the Future."
The Power of Hope

Hope goes beyond an abstract concept; it has a profound impact on our brains and thinking. This powerful emotion releases endorphins, which can block pain, while influencing breathing, circulation, and motor function. Furthermore, hope enhances our awareness, attention, and memory. In a state of hopefulness and possibility, I discovered a transformative practice.

The "What If" Practice

Approximately two months ago, I embarked on a daily "What If" practice. At 1:00 pm for 30 minutes each day, I sit down with my tablet and stylus, writing "What if..." at the top of a blank page. During this dedicated time, I capture half-baked thoughts, sketch drawings, and let my dreams flow. Whether it's imagining adventures with friends, hosting parties, launching new businesses, creating recipes, or hiking in the Rocky Mountains, each day presents its own unique adventure.

Transposing these thoughts from my mind to the physical realm of my tablet has revealed remarkable differences and insights. Recurring themes emerge, and I witness innovation unfold before my eyes as I revisit and refine previous ideas.

By scheduling time to dream, I elevate the importance of my ideas and nurture a positive self-perception. As the saying goes, "What we focus on expands." The more we consider possibilities for ourselves, the more inspired we become.

Inviting Others to Dream

If you choose to embark on a "What If" practice, I am eager to hear about your experience. Sharing our dreams and aspirations with others fosters connection and reinforces our collective belief in a brighter future. Through the power of relationships and the clarity of our dreams, the JMM Community has created something remarkable. Together, we are impacting the world and building a foundation for an extraordinary 2023. Let us remember that as human beings, we are inherently hopeful and resilient. By connecting over shared dreams, we can make 2023 the year where more dreams are realized than ever before. Are you ready to embrace the best year of your life?

Harnessing the Power of Hope and Collective Dreams

In a world facing immense challenges, it is crucial to embrace hope and the limitless possibilities it brings. Through the "What If" practice, we tap into the power of our dreams, fueling inspiration and accomplishment. As we enter 2023, let us unite as a community, fostering an environment where dreams thrive and supporting one another on the journey to turning dreams into reality. Together, we can make this the best year of our lives, building a future filled with hope, purpose, fulfillment, and joy.


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