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What would you do if you
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Discover How You Can Transform Your Legal Career.

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⚖️ Firm Dynamics: Get ahead while building relationships.
💡 Mindset Shift: From stress to empowerment.
📋 Time Management: Bill more, work less.
🌐 Network: Connect with industry leaders.
📚 Career Resources: Access to premium research.

90-minute 1:1 coaching session

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Our Passion is Unlocking the Potential of Women in Law

Discover How You Can Transform Your Legal Career.

Schedule Your 15-Minute Discovery Call Today!

Ever found yourself at a crossroads in your legal career, seeking that defining moment of clarity? Enter Jeneen Masih – your compass to navigating a fulfilling legal journey. With over two decades of expertise in law and a passion for empowering women in the field, Jeneen is the mentor you didn't know you needed.


Jeneen is more than a coach; she's an ally for women lawyers navigating their unique paths. Whether you're an established attorney, a rising star, or transitioning within the legal world, Jeneen's extensive background across diverse legal landscapes equips her to guide you comprehensively. With JMM, you're not just receiving coaching; you're embracing a holistic strategy for life and career.

Are you longing for direction, striving for a purpose-driven career, or chasing the elusive fulfillment in your legal profession? CounselHer is your opportunity to reflect and delve deep. Harnessing innovative techniques tailored for legal professionals, this initiative transforms your career complexities into a clear, actionable plan for success.


The essence of CounselHer isn't just in the advice given; it's in the profound impact it has on both your personal and professional growth. Jeneen's approach transcends traditional coaching, offering a transformative experience that will echo through every aspect of your life as a woman in law.



and become the best version of yourself.

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