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With a rich history in luxury real estate and a deep passion for the industry, Jeneen Masih brings a uniquely informed perspective to coaching in the real estate realm. She aims to navigate professionals through the intricacies of the sector, empowering them to achieve optimal personal and business growth.


Jeneen's coaching revolves around the concept of dream-driven, holistic development. She equips real estate professionals to blur the lines between their personal and professional selves, creating a singular, dynamic persona that's primed for success. She promotes self-awareness and leadership as key elements in cultivating a thriving real estate career.

Jeneen's experience in leading a luxury real estate sales team and her role as CEO of Keller Williams positions her to understand the dynamics of the real estate market deeply. Her successful venture, Red Rock Development Group, underscores her prowess in assembling diverse talents to accomplish common goals, a skill invaluable in the world of real estate.





The fruits of Jeneen's coaching can be seen in the outstanding results of her real estate clients. They've not only scaled new professional heights but have also found a balance in their personal lives. With her guidance, they've been able to navigate the complex real estate landscape with ease and confidence, achieving their dreams while enjoying the journey. Jeneen's coaching leads to a profound transformation that goes beyond professional success, impacting all aspects of life.

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